3rd Cut Timothy Hay for Guinea Pigs

Small Pet Select is now selling 3rd cutting timothy hay for guinea pigs!

Check out the pictures below:


Winston loving his first box of the 3rd cutting

Winston eating 3rd cutting timothy hay



Another cutie chomping down

another cutie munching away




Here is a close up of the 3rd cutting:

close up of the 3rd cutting timithy hay


This image shows our 3rd cutting side by side with our 2nd cutting




As you can see, from this image, 3rd cutting is almost 100% leaf and the pets really enjoy eating it.  Many of our customers will tell us they’ve never seen their pet enjoy eating hay so much until they tried this stuff.


The one thing we would say is that the 3rd cutting is a bit lower in fiber than 2nd cutting or other types.  So while we recommend our 2nd cutting for most pets because it has a little more fiber, for many super picky guinea pigs the 3rd cutting can be a great option to get them started in eating hay.  You can also mix the 3rd cutting and 2nd cutting together, a lot of people have been doing that.  Remember the most important thing is that your pet is eating lots of grass hay everyday.


If you’re interested in purchasing the 3rd cutting or any of the other hays, please visit our shop by clicking the link below:



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