Are Rabbits Nocturnal?


One question that many people want to know before taking on a bunny as a pet is the answer to “are rabbits nocturnal?”


Well, although this isn’t a difficult question to answer, it is one that needs a little more than just a simple “yes” or “no.”


Rabbits are active in the day time, and often spend the day hopping around or nibbling on food.  You only need peek into any rabbit’s cage or run to see them doing so.  So do rabbits sleep at night, or are rabbits nocturnal? If they don’t sleep at night, and are awake during the day, when do rabbits sleep?  Do rabbits ever sleep?


Of course the answer to that is yes, of course they sleep.  But rabbits are neither truly nocturnal nor diurnal.  What they are is crepuscular, meaning they are most active in the twilight hours of early morning and evening, but can also be active during the day and night.


Odd Sleeping Habits



A rabbits sleeping habits may cause their owner to wonder whether rabbits sleep with their eyes open, as well as asking how long do rabbits sleep for?  Very often a rabbit might sleep with his or her eyes open, but they may also close their eyes during slumber as well. As they are naturally prey animals – meaning they need to be constantly alert to prevent becoming another creature’s lunch – rabbits sleep with eyes open.  This helps them be aware of predators that may sneak up on them while they’re taking a nap.


Other rabbit sleeping habits that are signs that a rabbit’s sleeping include:


Body twitches – a tell-tale sign that your bunny is dreaming while he snoozes

The nose stops twitching

Rabbit sleeping positions that are a dead giveaway that your bunny is having a nap. Some rabbits   sleep with their eyes closed, stretching out completely relaxed.  Some rabbits will even sleep on their backs!


It’d be great to hear some sleepy stories about what your bunnies do when relaxed.  Why not make a comment, or even uploads some pictures to our photo page.  That way we can share them with the rest of our ever-growing SPS community.


Till next time – love those bunnies…


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