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What makes some hay superior quality special yummy nom nom

– Swipe left/right to see more What makes great hay great?  Well, if you ask your rabbit, he’ll tell you that hay should smell like a field in summer.  Great hay is fresh,  all nice and green and soft.  Not too stemmy.  With some nice soft fuzzy tops.  The average hay goes from a field […]

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Butler the Rabbit learns to LOVE HAY (and solves his dental problems)

Jess lives in Daytona with her rabbits Lola (the brown bunny in the pics) and Butler (the black bunny in the pics). Jess always wanted a bunny but her mom wouldn’t let her keep on in the house, and Jess knew that outdoor rabbits were in danger. So she waited…and waited…and finally, once she had […]

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Rabbit gifts and jewelry: because everything’s better with a rabbit on it!

Whether you are giving yourself a treat or looking for a gift for someone else, everything is more fun with a rabbit on it!  We’ve got all kinds of items to help you tell the world how much you love rabbits.  We guarantee these things are conversation starters, and you may even meet a new […]

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10 Great Natural Toys for Rabbits

Toys are not just fun.  Sure, it IS fun to play.  But it is also necessary…rabbits need the mental activity, or they get bored.  A bored rabbit gets in to all kinds of trouble, and can even turn aggressive.  The exercise is important, too.  Rabbits are athletes, and they need to stretch and romp, binky […]

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How Quality Timothy Hay Helped To Fix GI Stasis for Radar the Rabbit

Tracy lives in Indiana with her husband Greg and her bunny Radar, and four parrots:-). Tracey wrote into us recently and shared her story about how Small Pet Select helped her bunny Radar recover from health issues. We thought we’d share her story with you. “My name is Tracey Stevens, and I live in Porter, […]

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