Dust, Pellets & Timothy Hay = Chinchilla Happiness



When it comes to ensuring you provide everything your chinchilla needs for both help and happiness, it’s hard to put an order on what your pet needs for best health and quality of life.   But let’s give it a go (but to be honest, all of these aspects are as important as one another, so although we’ve given them numbers, they all rank as … [Read more...]

Rabbit, Chinchilla & Guinea Pig Medley


What are you doing right now?  Are you at work, and perhaps doing a little small pet surfin’ to while away the day?  (It’s okay, rest assured we won’t tell your boss….).  Or perhaps you’re at school, sneaking a quick peek during break or lunch hour.   You might be at home, just chilling and browsing about your favorite hobby – small … [Read more...]

What to Look for when Choosing a Chinchilla to Bring Home



The first time I saw a Chinchilla, I was mesmerized. Exactly what was this adorable fluff ball that looked like a cross between a bunny and a squirrel? As I watched the chin playing, I knew had to learn more.   That was over ten years ago, and since then I am proud to say I have not only learned quite a bit about chins, but I have … [Read more...]

Do-It Yourself: Recycled Cardboard Creation for Rabbits, Chinchillas and Guinea Pigs



Items Needed: Shipping box, approximately 18”W x 12”D x 5”H (3) paper towel rolls (3) toilet paper rolls   I removed the top flaps from the box, except for a small piece along one side.  I also cut out an opening along one of the sides.  Using scissors, I carefully cut slits along the sides of the box to create a ‘fringe’.  Then, … [Read more...]

Top Tips for Photographing your Small Pet



Taking pictures of small pets can be difficult. You can’t tell them to pose, and just when you have the camera ready, they stop doing the cute thing they were doing a moment ago. Here are a few tips that may help capture those special moments and do our beautiful little babies justice. These are not tips for professional photographers; they were … [Read more...]

Chinchillas as Pets: A delightful rescue tale



Some of you might remember the chinchilla guy, Jamie Glaser, who wrote a fabulous review on our Small Pet Select timothy hay some months back.  Well, he’s certainly an advocate on how great it is to have chinchillas as pets – but I didn’t know about his other talents – until now, that is.   Because hey – the guy can … [Read more...]

Signs For Your Chinchilla



How cool is your chinchilla?  And how cool are you as a chinnie owner?  Well, if you want to make your pet’s living are even more funky, then you need to get your hands on one of our chinchilla signs to display.   How about hanging our Beware of Chinchilla either by your chinnie’s cage or – even better – at the front door.  That means … [Read more...]