Chinchillas as Pets: A delightful rescue tale



Some of you might remember the chinchilla guy, Jamie Glaser, who wrote a fabulous review on our Small Pet Select timothy hay some months back.  Well, he’s certainly an advocate on how great it is to have chinchillas as pets – but I didn’t know about his other talents – until now, that is.   Because hey – the guy can … [Read more...]

Signs For Your Chinchilla



How cool is your chinchilla?  And how cool are you as a chinnie owner?  Well, if you want to make your pet’s living are even more funky, then you need to get your hands on one of our chinchilla signs to display.   How about hanging our Beware of Chinchilla either by your chinnie’s cage or – even better – at the front door.  That means … [Read more...]

How to Care for a Chinchilla (& Happy New Year)



So – Christmas has passed (and we hope that you and your chins had a great one), so now we can all look forward to 2013.  Now, we know that there’s a whole bunch of people who’ll have got a new pet chinnie over the festive period, so what better time to go back to basics and take a look at how to care for a chinchilla…   We’ve put … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas Chinchilla (& peace to all chinnies…)



It’s Chriiiiiiistmaaaas!  Well, nearly.  And Christmas Eve is such an exciting day, for us and for every Christmas chinchilla out there – because the big day is only a few hours away.   The big guy is doing last minute preparations getting his sleigh ready.  Mom’s busy in the kitchen doing all she can for that great Christmas dinner.  … [Read more...]

Cute Chinchillas at Christmas Time



Just in case it might have passed you by, IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME!  And there couldn't be a better time to take a look at some cute chinchillas videos.  So sit back, close the door, turn off the phone and enjoy the following festive treats... It's Christmas town chinchilla destruction time...  A chin doing what they do … [Read more...]

Hay for Chinchillas & Christmas Gift Ideas



The countdown has officially begun – and in case you’ve not yet realized, it’s only 15 DAYS UNTIL THE BIG DAY!  So, how’s your Christmas shopping going?  Are you organized, or perhaps you’re more like me and leave everything to the very last minute.  Well, thank goodness for the Internet, because not only does it make it simplicity itself to order … [Read more...]