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Guinea Pig Care: what are malocclusions?

Guinea pigs and those teeth!  Guinea pigs really do need regular dental check-ups, since their teeth grow constantly.  Even if we provide them with lots of hay and other fiber, and tons of safe natural wood toys to chew and tug, our little friends can still develop problems.   Your guinea pig’s teeth won’t need regular […]

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Understanding why guinea pigs need friends

Guinea pigs need friends.  We’ve all heard that lots of times.  But what does that really mean, in terms of how guinea pigs think and act?     When we say guinea pigs need friends, it means far more than they just like to hang out together.  Guinea pigs live in herds, just like horses.  […]

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Introducing guinea pigs: finding the right match.

We can all understand the desire to have a guinea pig nearby, right?  There is definitely nothing your guinea pig wants than another guinea pig.  If you haven’t read our post on the social nature of cavies, take a peek and learn why this is so important for our little friends.  Introducing guinea pigs does […]

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Introducing guinea pigs: preparation.

We’ve talked about why guinea pigs need another piggy in their lives, and how to find the right match.  Introducing guinea pigs isn’t rocket science, but a few steps upfront can make all the difference.  Let’s lay some groundwork to make sure the relationship has a chance to blossom.    photo credit: There are some […]

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Guinea Pig Communication: cavies are chatterboxes! Listen up!

Guinea pig communication isn’t hard to understand.  Cavies are big conversationalists.  Talk talk talk all day long, and they use not only noises but their body language to communicate.  They tell us how they feel and what they want, and they don’t hold back.  Of course, each guinea pig is an individual and has their […]

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