The Adoption Option: Small pets in shelters



The Adoption Option: Small pets in shelters By JAMIE M. MYERS   When considering a small, furry addition to the family, the first stop should not necessarily be the local pet store. A quick little browse on the website of a shelter or rescue could yield some promising possibilities.   Many small animals at shelters tend to … [Read more...]

Guinea Pigs Play A Game Of Basketball!


playing basketball

It turns out it doesn't matter how big you are, how high you can jump, or even whether you have opposable can still play a pickup game of basketball!      PLEASE SHARE!   Pro Tip:  BEFORE you click play be sure to pick your favorite team (BLUE TEAM or ORANGE TEAM) and root them on till the buzzer … [Read more...]

Guinea Pig Tricks By Wig The Guinea Pig


guinea pig trickss

You'll love this video of Wiggy performing his guinea pig tricks, and the strong bond he has with his human!   Have you ever heard someone say something along the lines of   "you can't have the same type of bond with a guinea pig or rabbit that you can with a dog or cat."?  The person probably loves animals and the don't mean anything by … [Read more...]

Guinea Pig Wheeking Noises…this is a SUPER WHEEKER!


If you're a guinea pig owner you're not a stranger sound of "wheek-wheek-wheek!" that guinea pigs make.  Sometimes they'll make them when they are hungry, or when they're just happy to see you!  As to how much wheeking is done will vary quite a bit from guinea pig to guinea pig.  Some guinea pigs are what you might call "wheek-a-holics"  while … [Read more...]

Free Guinea Pig Ring


guinea pig rings

Right now we are doing a promotion in which we are giving away these beautiful guinea pig rings when you buy your first box of hay or pellets from Small Pet Select.  These rings are high quality pewter and custom made with a great level of detail.  Normally we sell them for $19.95, but right now you can get one totally free when you purchase any … [Read more...]