Demystifying Your Guinea Pig’s Noises


Pet owners everywhere agree that guinea pigs are popular pets because of their ease to take care of. Not only can all their supplies be purchased at your local pet store, but they are also very simple creatures.   Providing guinea pigs with a cage and feeding them are both easy things to do, especially when you can just order stuff … [Read more...]

Short Haired Guinea Pigs: the inside story


My beautiful picture

There are a lot of different types of guinea pigs that people choose to keep as pets today. However, the one that most people will typically think about first is the short haired or short coated guinea pig. This is actually the guinea pig that most closely resembles its ancestors (the Cavia genus).     Different Guinea Pig … [Read more...]

Do-It Yourself: Recycled Cardboard Creation for Rabbits, Chinchillas and Guinea Pigs



Items Needed: Shipping box, approximately 18”W x 12”D x 5”H (3) paper towel rolls (3) toilet paper rolls   I removed the top flaps from the box, except for a small piece along one side.  I also cut out an opening along one of the sides.  Using scissors, I carefully cut slits along the sides of the box to create a ‘fringe’.  Then, … [Read more...]

Top Tips for Photographing your Small Pet



Taking pictures of small pets can be difficult. You can’t tell them to pose, and just when you have the camera ready, they stop doing the cute thing they were doing a moment ago. Here are a few tips that may help capture those special moments and do our beautiful little babies justice. These are not tips for professional photographers; they were … [Read more...]

The Adoption Option: Small pets in shelters



The Adoption Option: Small pets in shelters By JAMIE M. MYERS   When considering a small, furry addition to the family, the first stop should not necessarily be the local pet store. A quick little browse on the website of a shelter or rescue could yield some promising possibilities.   Many small animals at shelters tend to … [Read more...]

Guinea Pigs Play A Game Of Basketball!


playing basketball

It turns out it doesn't matter how big you are, how high you can jump, or even whether you have opposable can still play a pickup game of basketball!      PLEASE SHARE!   Pro Tip:  BEFORE you click play be sure to pick your favorite team (BLUE TEAM or ORANGE TEAM) and root them on till the buzzer … [Read more...]

Guinea Pig Tricks By Wig The Guinea Pig


guinea pig trickss

You'll love this video of Wiggy performing his guinea pig tricks, and the strong bond he has with his human!   Have you ever heard someone say something along the lines of   "you can't have the same type of bond with a guinea pig or rabbit that you can with a dog or cat."?  The person probably loves animals and the don't mean anything by … [Read more...]