Guinea Pig Vocalization


DO YOU SPEAK GUINEA PIG??? PART 1: Vocalization By Robin Rysavy, Chapter Manager Missouri House Rabbit Society in Kansas City 6-23-2015   Guinea pigs are charming, cute, amusing, intelligent, interactive, social, and amazingly talkative.  They are herd animals and as such, have various ways in which they communicate with each other, both … [Read more...]

Do You Speak Guinea Pig??? Part 2: Body Language


Do You Speak Guinea Pig??? Part 2:  Body Language By Robin Rysavy, Chapter Manager Missouri House Rabbit Society in Kansas City In the last article we took a look at guinea pig vocalization.  Like humans, guinea pigs vocalize AND use body language to communicate.  If you have a guinea pig as a pet, it is a good idea to get to know what is … [Read more...]

Fun Facts about Guinea Pigs


By Robin Rysavy, Chapter Manager, Missouri House Rabbit Society in Kansas City Guinea Pigs are quite social and enjoy living in groups.  If you are considering adding a guinea pig to your family, consider adopting two instead of one.  I’ve had many combinations of pigs living together.  Sometimes I’ve had a neutered male and female together; … [Read more...]

Happy New Year: What’s your resolution?



Woo hoo!  It’s 2015, and from the whole team at Small Pet Select we’re making some noise and wishing all our customers (past, present and future) a Happy New Year.  And of course that includes the humans, as well as the furriest members of the family…   It’s been a crazy year for us, with lots of new products coming on-line, and we’re … [Read more...]

Why Mold In Timothy Hay Can Be Deadly To Small Pets



When purchasing timothy hay for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other small pets, the last thing you expect is for it to contain anything that might harm your beloved pet.   We’ve talked many times in the past about how important it is to only provide the best quality timothy hay to our furry friends.  You know, it needs to smell fresh, … [Read more...]

Storing Timothy Hay During the Winter Months



There’s no denying it – winter is here with a vengeance.   Depending on where you live, this could simply mean the oppressing heat of summer is over, you could be up to your knees in snow and ice, or the damp, grey gloomy season is here (boooo!).     When it comes to storing your hay to keep it in the best (and yummiest) … [Read more...]

Twas The Night Before Christmas



Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. But hark! Is that movement in that pile of hay? It looks like a guinea pig bowing to pray.   He knows all the humans are snug in their beds With great dreams of Santa Claus filling their heads. But presents are not on … [Read more...]

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow…



Is the snow falling where you are?  It’s probably the most exciting time of the year in the run up to Christmas, and a layer of the white stuff on the ground only serves to add to the atmosphere.   Of course, we need to ensure that our rabbits, chins and guinea pigs live in a temperature that remains constant and comfortable for them.  … [Read more...]

Guinea Pig Pellets & A Deeper Understanding of Vitamin C



When it comes to feeding our guinea pigs, it’s easy to discover the very basics.  You know, feed ad-lib timothy hay, provide the right amount of pellets and vegetables, and ensure your furry friend has a constant supply of clean, fresh water.   We’ve provided loads of information on guinea pig hay, so today we’d like to concentrate a … [Read more...]