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Chinchilla treats: what is good, and what to avoid

By Dr. Robin Rysavy, Chapter Manager, Missouri House Rabbit Society, Kansas City  Chinchillas are adorable.  They are playful, cute, entertaining, and full of energy – and they love to beg for treats.  They are hard to resist when it come to begging, and believe me, they are masters at it!Chinchillas are herbivores, and, therefore, their […]

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Hay’s got to breathe! How do you store hay for your rabbit or guinea pig?

Hay is messy, and takes up space. Where and how we store it can be problematic – we want it out of the way, but we need to get to it several times a day.   Your hay does best in the dark, where sun can’t damage it.  It also does best in dry places, with […]

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1st cut, 2nd cut, 3rd cut hay…what is the difference?

In the last post, we learned all about the different kinds of grasses and legumes used for hay.  Sometimes, though, you’ll hear the terms 1st cut, 2nd cut, or 3rd cut…what is this added complication? “Cut” is usually only mentioned with timothy hay, and the term tells you when it was cut during the season. […]

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Types of hay for small animals, explained.

Isn’t hay just hay?  Yes and no. There are some big differences, mostly in fiber and protein content. There are grass hays, legume hays, and grain hays.  Grass hays are the ones most people picture when you say hay.  They are also the ones typically used with adult small animals, because the protein and fiber […]

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Can chinchillas eat carrots?

    Chinchillas can eat carrots, however they don’t really need to eat carrots and these wouldn’t be the types of things they would be finding in their natural habitat.    The most  important things to provide your pet chinchilla with are fresh hay, pellets, and water.  If you choose to feed other foods or […]

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