What’s In A Rabbit Pellet?



The humble pellet!  Something rabbit, owners pretty much take for granted.  After all, we buy it safe in the knowledge that it contains everything our pet needs for good nutrition.  And one pellet is pretty much the same as another, right?   Errrr, sadly, no – that’s not quite true.  In fact, in some cases, the nutritional content of … [Read more...]

Storing Timothy Hay During the Winter Months



There’s no denying it – winter is here with a vengeance.   Depending on where you live, this could simply mean the oppressing heat of summer is over, you could be up to your knees in snow and ice, or the damp, grey gloomy season is here (boooo!).     When it comes to storing your hay to keep it in the best (and yummiest) … [Read more...]

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow…



Is the snow falling where you are?  It’s probably the most exciting time of the year in the run up to Christmas, and a layer of the white stuff on the ground only serves to add to the atmosphere.   Of course, we need to ensure that our rabbits, chins and guinea pigs live in a temperature that remains constant and comfortable for them.  … [Read more...]

Timothy Hay Wrapped Up: Why packaging is so important



Okay!  So everyone knows that rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas need hay for optimum health.  And we know that we need to feed the very best hay for both the quality of the nutrition, and to ensure that our pets want to eat it.   But did you know that it’s not only the making of hay that’s vital for it to be of good quality.  Because … [Read more...]

Hay is Vital because Rabbits can’t Vomit



It’s a bit of a yucky subject, talking about vomit.  But when it comes to feeding your rabbit (or, for that fact, guinea pig, chinchilla or any rodent), it’s really important to understand a little about their physiology to be the best owners we can.   Now, rabbits are herbivores.  Well, actually – they’re what are known as a ‘folivore’, … [Read more...]

What Does ‘Fresh’ Really Mean When We Talk About Timothy Hay



Here at Small Pet Select we do our utmost to share information that’s both scientifically factual, yet simple to understand.  After all, not many of us have got the time to plough our way through scientific articles that you need a PhD to comprehend!   So today, we wanted to share with you what’s actually meant when we talk about fresh … [Read more...]

Christmas Bunny Safety



Christmas is a-coming…  Yippee!  It’s the time of year when you can dress up the house, and dress up the rabbit too.     But with our furry friends, we need to make sure that even though the silly season has arrived, we ensure our rabbits are safe, wherever they might roam in the house.   Nutrition must remain … [Read more...]

Rabbit, Chinchilla & Guinea Pig Medley


What are you doing right now?  Are you at work, and perhaps doing a little small pet surfin’ to while away the day?  (It’s okay, rest assured we won’t tell your boss….).  Or perhaps you’re at school, sneaking a quick peek during break or lunch hour.   You might be at home, just chilling and browsing about your favorite hobby – small … [Read more...]

Timothy Hay, Rabbit Pellets, Happy Bunnies & Owners


Rabbit Eating Hay

Now, we often talk about the importance of feeding your rabbit the best quality timothy hay and rabbit pellets.  And the most conscientious of pet owners (AKA – you!) know how vitally important this is.  After all, each and every one of us works really hard to ensure our pets are given the best nutrition to keep them in tip top … [Read more...]