What Do Rabbits Eat? Top 10 Favorite Foods



Rabbits 101: What Do Rabbits Eat?   We all know that when it comes down to asking what do rabbits eat, that the #1 answer is, of course, hay, followed by good quality rabbit pellets.   But as any rabbit owner is well aware of, our bunnies absolutely adore various vegetables and fruits, so I thought it might be fun to compile a … [Read more...]

How Long Do Rabbits Live?


how long do bunnies live, rabbit lifespan

  A common question asked by pet bunny owners is how long do rabbits live for?  Fair enough...if you're planning on getting a pet rabbit, this is possibly one of the more important rabbit facts for you to have a solid understanding on.  The answer to this question depends on a number of factors, but most importantly a rabbits lifespan boils … [Read more...]

10 Rabbits SO Ready For The Holidays!


  10 Rabbits SO Ready For The Holidays! a Buns Have More To Say About Christmas Than You Think! Find Out What They Are REALLY Thinking... a a  "On A Scale of 1 to 10... How Cute Do I Look In This Santa Costume!"" a a "Does This Gold Garland Bring Out The Brown In My Fur?" photo: wallpapers.mi9.com a "Who Are You Calling A Rabbit? … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Help Your Rabbit When He Is Shedding


rabbit drinking out of water bowl

5 Tips to Help Your Rabbit When He Is Shedding    By Robin Rysavy, Chapter Manager, Missouri House Rabbit Society in Kansas City      Yesterday I received an email from Lisa, who wrote this:    Question: Ryder is really ‘molting’ now. I did not remember rabbits shedding like this. I looked online, and it looks like … [Read more...]