5 Tips On How To Bunny Proof Your Home


Rabbits are very destructive animals. In the wild, they live in burrows underground so they dig by instinct. They also chew on everything as their teeth are continually growing. Young rabbits or un spayed/neutered rabbits will be more destructive then adults or fixed rabbits but all rabbits still have their instincts to dig and chew. Because of … [Read more...]

Picking Up Your Pet Rabbit


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We've all seen the cute pictures of those bunnies who act like lap cats and sit calmly on their owner's lap for ear rubs, but that is not our rabbit. Our rabbit flails and kicks whenever we try and pick him up and he runs from you if you even look like you want to.  What do you do if your pet rabbit becomes a crazed demon every time you want to … [Read more...]

Do-It Yourself: Recycled Cardboard Creation for Rabbits, Chinchillas and Guinea Pigs



Items Needed: Shipping box, approximately 18”W x 12”D x 5”H (3) paper towel rolls (3) toilet paper rolls   I removed the top flaps from the box, except for a small piece along one side.  I also cut out an opening along one of the sides.  Using scissors, I carefully cut slits along the sides of the box to create a ‘fringe’.  Then, … [Read more...]

I’m all E.A.R.S – the rabbit rescue center story



What does it take to be an animal shelter? What is required to run a rescue?   I’m sure these questions have been asked by many people over the years. I’ll even be as bold to say that I’m 100% certain many shelter owners, employees, and volunteers of animal shelters around the globe have gladly given their input and answers to these … [Read more...]

Top Tips for Photographing your Small Pet



Taking pictures of small pets can be difficult. You can’t tell them to pose, and just when you have the camera ready, they stop doing the cute thing they were doing a moment ago. Here are a few tips that may help capture those special moments and do our beautiful little babies justice. These are not tips for professional photographers; they were … [Read more...]

Could You Be Feeding Too Many Pellets To Your Rabbit?


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You may think more is always better. Well, not always. When it comes to your rabbits diet, too many pellets can actually be harmful to your pet. Unlimited pellets or too many pellets can cause obesity which can lead to many problems including, sore hocks, difficulty grooming, and difficulty eating their cecotropes (Yes, bunnies do eat their own … [Read more...]

How to Switch Pellets Your Rabbits Pellets in 12 Days



Young rabbits under 6 months should be on an unlimited Alfalfa based pellet to help them grow. Once rabbits are over 6 months of age alfalfa is to fattening and is high in calcium which can cause problems in adult rabbits. If your rabbit is over 6 months, they should be switched to a limited amount of a Timothy Hay based pellet. Rabbits … [Read more...]

Tips & Techniques for Welcoming a Timid Rabbit into Your Home



Tips & Techniques for Welcoming a Timid Rabbit into Your Home   We met Talula, a timid lionhead, at our local House Rabbit Society just over a year ago.  At the time, our intent was to bond her with our Netherland dwarf, Coco.  Things didn’t go so well during their initial meeting, and a few speed dates later we ended up adopting … [Read more...]

Heat Stroke In Rabbits


preventing heatstroke in rabbits

Preventing Heat Stroke In Rabbits   With warmer temperatures approaching rapidly around the corner, people are eager to toss their winter jackets in the closet and head outdoors. As we fold up our jeans and replace them with shorts, what most people don’t realize is that, unlike us, our furry friends dread the hot summer days. Rabbits are … [Read more...]

Are You Second Guessing that Pet Easter Rabbit?


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So you were victim to the adorable tiny ball of fuzz at your local pet or farm store at Easter time, but now you have a boisterous and semi destructive bunny wreaking havoc in your home. Don’t panic, don’t give up, and please don’t set the rabbit  ‘free’ in your backyard!  If you do that, please know that you are now part of a terrible nationwide … [Read more...]