5 Tips to Help Your Rabbit When He Is Shedding


white rabbit with long hair

5 Tips to Help Your Rabbit When He Is Shedding    By Robin Rysavy, Chapter Manager, Missouri House Rabbit Society in Kansas City      Yesterday I received an email from Lisa, who wrote this:    Question: Ryder is really ‘molting’ now. I did not remember rabbits shedding like this. I looked online, and it looks like … [Read more...]

How to Feed Hay to Rabbits



There are many different ways people provide hay to their pet rabbits. Whether that be from a hay rack, a basket, or simply just a pile of hay! Today I am going to show you how I personally feed my rabbits their hay.   I provide my three rabbits, unlimited hay out of a homemade hay box that is shown below. I love this hay box for … [Read more...]

8 Rabbit Websites You’ve Got to Check Out


8 rabbit websites you have to checkout

Rabbit Websites You’ve Got to Check Out By Amy “Brem” Bremers When searching for information on how to care for your house rabbit, or whether a house rabbit is even the right pet for you, you can run into a whole bunch of junk (or worse – websites describing rabbits as meat!). Here I have compiled some of the best of the web so that you can … [Read more...]

The Dangers of Corn and Corn Husks in Rabbits



While walking through your local pet store, you will probably notice many rabbit treats and toys that contain corn kernels or corn husks. Just because some companies are offering these choices for your rabbit, doesn’t mean that they are safe. In fact, corn kernels and corn husks are not safe for your rabbit and can be deadly if … [Read more...]

Happy New Year: What’s your resolution?



Woo hoo!  It’s 2015, and from the whole team at Small Pet Select we’re making some noise and wishing all our customers (past, present and future) a Happy New Year.  And of course that includes the humans, as well as the furriest members of the family…   It’s been a crazy year for us, with lots of new products coming on-line, and we’re … [Read more...]