Cute Bunny Chases Girl Around The Tennis Court



It's almost springtime, and you know what that means...PLAYTIME!  Watch as this cute bunny just loves to chase her human around and around the tennis court.   You can tell this cutie just loves her owner and loves being outside and hopping around.  Yeyyyy for spring!   Please Share!       … [Read more...]

Bossy Bunny Gets Mad If Human Doesn’t Pet Her!


dont stop

Did you ever think to yourself  "My rabbit seems to be training me instead of the other way around" ?   Well this adorable little bunny is proof that you're not the only one with a bossy bunny!  Watch this video all the way through and you'll start to see the pattern.  When human pets bunny, bunny is happy as can be.  But when human stops...bunny … [Read more...]

Barney The Bunny Shows Us How To Bunny Flop


the bunny flop

Ahhhh... the bunny flop.  It's a favorite past time for bunnies, especially after a tough day of eating and digging and making lots of bunny mischief.  Watch carefully as this bunny teaches the correct technique for performing bunny flops, but please try not to flop over onto your keyboard before the end of the video! Please share this to help … [Read more...]

Why Is Bunny So Excited? Because He’s A Bunny, Of Course!!



This Netherland Dwarf bunny is so excited he just can't hide it!  Such an energetic little furball, and if you wait until about 1 minute into the video to watch you'll see he's also quite the charmer with his  his cute little nose twitches:-).  Has to be one of our favorite bunny videos of all time, and the song fits this bunnies big personality so … [Read more...]

Bunny Bonding Tips By 101 Rabbits


bonding bunnies

Here's  another great video from 101Rabbits  In this video you'll see Haley using a bunny bonding technique.  We couldn't help but notice how patient and caring she is with them.  Check it out and please SHARE with other rabbit lovers if you thought this was a good tip for bunny bonding!       … [Read more...]

An Epic Bunny Fight- Cute Rabbit Battles The Food Box


epic battle

Warning:  This film is rated R.  For rabbit, of course.     Everyone has seen Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader.  But until you've seen this adorable bunny fight a box to the bitter end...well...you really haven't seen anything, have you? Please everyone cheer Roger on in this epic battle between Bunny and … [Read more...]