Funny Timothy Hay Video Review


Here is a funny video featuring our timothy hay product as well as some cute guinea pigs...and a CAT!  Gotta say I love the music especially!     Thanks goes to Kayla Loney for sharing...we're glad these cuties enjoyed the hay...your pets look like so much fun!   If … [Read more...]

Hay is for Rabbits Silly!


cat guarding timothy hay

Hay is for Rabbits Silly! Here is a cute little story (about a cat, a rabbit, and a box of timothy hay) inspired by a post on our facebook wall today...   Part 1:  Apparently  Max the cat thought this timothy hay delivery was for him... Max:  "What do you mean it's for the bunny?  The UPS man told me this timothy hay is for … [Read more...]

Sweet timothy hay for bunnies does the trick


Just received my huge box of timothy hay today.  As soon as I opened it I could smell the sweet hay, nothing like any of the pet store prepackaged hay I used to buy.  I have four bunnies in a three story condo.  2 girls are together and each boy has their own condo.  As soon as I started to put hay in one of the cages the other bunnies jumped to … [Read more...]

Piggies gone wild for timothy hay


We just received our first order of your Timothy Hay, and our piggies have gone wild!  It smells and looks fantastic, and obviously, it must taste good, too!  We've used Oxbow 'til now for the ease of purchase and because it has always proven to be the best of the store-carried hays we've found.  Lately I'm afraid it's been of poor quality, and the … [Read more...]

Timothy hay confession…


timothy hay confession

I have a confession to make.  I was using an expensive and poor quality pet store hay for my guinea pigs before I found Small Pet Select.  I have five guinea pigs, and they made clear they wanted something better.  My pigs would leave the dry, yellow or brown hay bits behind when I gave them this expensive hay.  "Eat, eat, you know how much this … [Read more...]

Happy bunnies love their timothy hay


My buns Pancake and Waffle are pretty picky buns as most buns are. I have always found it a struggle to get them to eat enough hay. I have three or four different bags right now, most of which is being used as litter box fodder. I decided well it cant hurt to try yet another new hay so I ordered the popular 8 lb box of timothy hay. When it arrived … [Read more...]

Timothy “Hay Day”!


Timothy Hay Day

Meet Derby, Henry, and Stitch!  Apparently these three pets had an absolute "Hay Day" with their timothy hay package arrived yesterday...according to their owner Jennie.  Thank you Jennie for sharing your cute pets with us and we hope your pets will love their timothy hay!       … [Read more...]