Timothy Hay: The science bit…


As you grab handfuls of soft, sweet timothy hay to feed the smallest members of your family, we’ll bet you’re not thinking much about what it is they’re actually eating. However, we’ve always been of the pursuasion that knowledge is king.  And with that in mind, we thought we’d discuss some of the finer points of timothy hay – but in layman’s … [Read more...]

Timothy Hay: Nature’s small pet superfood


When it comes to foodstuff for humans, there’s a glut of every type of information you can wish to discover.  But naturally, if what humans put inside their body is so important to health, the same must apply to animals.  And this why today we're talking about timothy hay for small pets, such as rabbits, chinchillas and guinea pigs. Now, it … [Read more...]

Why Timothy Hay is at the Mercy of Mother Nature



Why Timothy Hay is at the Mercy of  Mother Nature   As you heap yet another pile of timothy hay into your rabbit, guinea pig or chinchilla’s cage, here’s betting that the last thing on your mind is how the weather contributed to this vital food.   Yet one of the biggest concerns for those who farm timothy hay is the weather … [Read more...]

The Difference Between Timothy Hay & Alfalfa


When it comes to feeding your rabbit, guinea pig or small pet, we all know that hay is one of (if not, the) most important part of their diet. And it’s easy to discover that the options available to us tend to be either timothy hay or alfalfa. The stage of development of your pet will determine which type of hay he or she needs.  But what are … [Read more...]

Get A Free Bunny Wrap Ring With Your First Purchase!



Right now we are doing a promotion in which we are giving away these beautiful bunny wrap rings to raise money for the House Rabbit Society! These rings normally sell for $15.95, but right now you can get one totally free when you purchase any size timothy hay or pellet product!  And the best part is, 10% of each sale will go back to support House … [Read more...]

An Ode to Timothy Hay…


guinea pig song about timothy hay

This is a song about timothy hay from your guinea pig’s perspective....enjoy!       An Ode to Timothy Hay……    Timothy hay, it’s my favorite treat, and something that I sooo love to eat. The greenest  in color, the freshest of smell It keeps my belly all neat and all well.   But timothy hay, sometimes … [Read more...]

From Pasture to Poop: The Lifecycle of Timothy Hay


timothy hay being cut in field

So we all know that feeding our small pets timothy hay is one of the most vital things we can do. But have you ever stopped to think a little more about the hay that’s so neatly packaged and delivered to your door for your pet to eat?   After all, it takes a whole lot of effort (and the miraculous work of Mother Nature) to provide your … [Read more...]