The Guinea Pig Song

I came across this wonderful guinea pig song by a British comedian by the name of Joe Pasquale, with a wonderful video made and featuring some gorgeous piggies.


The ending is a little bit sad, but the rest of it is so cute that I just had to share it with all the fellow guinea pig lovers out there in SPS land.  It’s really clever, and some of the jokes are extremely subtle – so you need to turn up the speakers and listen carefully.  Enjoy…

Video from YouTube and uploaded by 30stmchainsawx


So, what other …inny pigs can we think of?


–  The I fell inny pig in the bowl of washing up water…


–  Winny pig who came first in the race…


–  Gotta double chinny pig if he piles on too many pounds…


–  Would a travelling cavvy be a I’ve been to Berlinny pig?


And I bet you guys can think of some more.


Hope you like the video – it certainly made me smile.


Till next time – love those piggies…


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