How long can Guinea Pigs go without hay?

How long can Guinea Pigs go without Hay?


Because of the way a guinea pig’s digestive system has evolved, it’s essential that he has a source of fiber (in the form of hay) on a virtual constant basis.  In fact, even a gap of a few hours without eating hay can be seriously detrimental to his health.

The reason for this is that he’s designed to have constant fiber moving through his gut.  Without this, the natural movement of the digestive system (a massaging movement known as peristalsis) can slow down to a dangerous level, or even stop altogether.  This leads to a situation known as gastrointestinal stasis, which can, if not treated, prove fatal to your pet.

If you ever think that your piggy has gone more than a few hours without eating at least some hay or fibrous product, then you should seek veterinary advice immediately.  Even a period of as little as six hours can be dangerous to his health.

However, by providing him with an ad lib source of good quality timothy hay, along with constant access to clean and fresh water, you’ll be doing exactly what is necessary to keep him in the best of health.


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