Can guinea pigs eat asparagus?



Can guinea pigs eat asparagus?


Mmmmmmm…..asparagus.  Can guinea pigs eat it?  Yes, indeed they can.  However, just make sure that if you do decide to feed asparagus that you do so in moderation.  Asparagus fed in moderation is ok for guinea pigs, and can provide some variety in their diets.  But remember, the most important thing you can provide for your guinea pigs is access to high quality hay, fresh water, as well as quality guinea pig pellets fortified with vitamin c.  Rounding off their diet with some fresh vegetables fed in moderation, and the occasional fruit as a treat will make a nice healthy diet for your guinea pig.


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  1. amanda says

    Thankyou , I wasn’t sure if I could give them asparagus…I shall now go give them some. I have three guinea pigs and they are incredibly spoilT