Can guinea pigs eat lemons?



Can guinea pigs eat lemon?


Lemons are really acidic and so its best to stay away from them.  They could cause sores around your guinea pigs mouth or upset their digestive system.  If you are going to feed a fruit as a treat, choose a less acidic fruit like a strawberry, but also make sure that you only feed a small piece.  Fruit has a lot of sugar so they don’t need much before they’ll have digestive issues.


So, can guinea pigs eat lemons?  No, this is one that its better off we stay away from feeding guinea pigs.


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  1. AL G says

    I gave them a small piece once as a mean joke. Of course they hated it and flinched and ran away from it! This question is a non-issue because I doubt you would get a guinea pig to eat a lemon.

  2. carol fennell says

    I put a lemon in my guinea pigs cage. He couldn’t eat it fast enough. Wont feed him any more. Don’t want to make him sick.