Can guinea pigs eat newspaper?



Can guinea pigs eat newspaper?


Newspaper….great for reading…not so much for eating.  But, can guinea pigs eat newspaper? Well, guinea pigs definitely shouldn’t eat newspaper, but many people may use newspaper under their bedding, or a guinea pig may have been allowed to eat some newspaper by accident.  The guinea pig will probably be okay as long as it didn’t eat a lot of newspaper, but if you aren’t sure in this case it is best to check with a guinea pig savvy veterinarian.  If a guinea pig ingested a lot of newspaper it could definitely cause problems.


So, can guinea pigs eat newspaper?  Well…definitely do not feed guinea pigs newspaper.  And try to keep it out of their reach, because they are known to chew on whatever is in site.  If you’re worried about your guinea pig,  its best to consult with a vet about it.


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  1. AL G says

    You should mention that it may not be good for a guinea pig to eat a lot of newspaper because of all the INK in it. Cardboard and other untreated paper should be okay for piggies to eat in large quantities, though not nearly as much as they should be eating hay of course.