Can guinea pigs eat paper?


Can guinea pigs eat paper?


Guinea pigs should not be fed paper.  Occasionally a guinea pig may eat paper by accident, and generally as long as it was a small amount they will be fine.  If your guinea pig ate a lot of paper and you are concerned, be sure to talk with a guinea pig savvy veterinarian.


Here are some guidelines for a healthy guinea pig diet:


-Guinea pigs should be fed high quality and fresh timothy hay

-Guinea pigs should be fed high quality guinea pig pellets fortified with vitamin c.

-Guinea pigs should be given fresh and clean water on a daily basis.

-It is also nice to give your guinea pigs fresh, dark and leafy vegetables, but feed them in moderation.

-It is okay to feed a small piece of fruit on occasion, but just make sure to feed in moderation.


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William Gordon