Can guinea pigs eat sunflower seeds?



Can guinea pigs eat sunflower seeds?


As pet owners, we always want to do the best thing for our pets, especially when it comes to deciding what to feed them.  And one question that gets often quite often is can guinea pigs eat sunflower seeds.


While they can eat them in the literal sense, the truth is that sunflower seeds are really not the best thing for you to feed your guinea pig.  sunflower seeds are going to be high in fat and oils.  Instead of sunflower seeds, make sure you are feeding your guinea pig high quality timothy hay, fresh and clean water, as well as guinea pig pellets fortified with vitamin c.  Some fresh vegetables fed in moderation and the occasional small piece of fruit as a treat can round of the diet nicely.


So can guinea pigs eat sunflower seeds?  No, they really should not be fed sunflower seeds.


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