Can rabbits eat blackberries?



Can rabbits eat blackberries?


Mmmmmm….juicy blackberries!  They are definitely a treat that rabbits are going to enjoy. When it comes to these luscious fruits, however, we’ve got to understand the reason they’re so yummy is the amount of sugar they have.   And if theres one thing that can upset your rabbits specialized digestive system, its sugar overload.  So, blackberries can be fed to rabbits, but just keep in mind that they need to be fed in moderation, look at them as a treat.  On the other hand, the biggest thing you can do to ensure the health of your rabbit is to make sure that they’re always stocked full of fresh timothy hay, quality rabbit pellets, and making sure they’ve got fresh water on hand.


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  1. Erica says

    thank you sooo much for posting this. My bunny took a bite out of my blackberries while I was eating them and I thought it might make him sick! Thanks!