So how long do rabbits live…anyway?



A common question asked by pet bunny owners is “how long do rabbits live for?” Fair enough…if you’re planning on getting a pet rabbit, this is possibly one of the more important rabbit facts for you to have a solid understanding on.  The answer to this question depends on a number of factors, but most importantly pet rabbit lifespan boils down to how well a pet bunny is cared for during its life. The lifespan of rabbits that have been well cared for is likely to be much higher than the lifespan of a bunny that has not been well cared for.


How long can I expect my pet rabbit to live?


A pet rabbit lifespan will depend on the care and attention your rabbit gets during its life under your care. A well cared for rabbit that has been housed indoors and has been spayed or neutered can live for between 8-12 years –  a domestic rabbit lifespan can even extend into the teens in some cases.


The oldest rabbit documented lived to the record age of 18 years old.


What are the factors determining how long do rabbits live?


The lifespan of rabbits is effected to a certain degree by a number of factors:


The lifespan of smaller rabbits is generally longer than larger rabbits, therefore a dwarf bunny lifespan will typically be higher than a large pet rabbit lifespan.


The average lifespan of a bunny that lives indoors tends to be higher than the lifespan of rabbits that lives outdoors, as they are naturally more protected indoors. Outdoor rabbits are more vulnerable to extreme weather conditions, predators, and to bacterial infections and disease, which can end a bunny life prematurely.


The lifespan of rabbits from mixed descent tends to be longer than the lifespan of pet rabbits of pure breeds.


Spaying and neutering increases the lifespan of domestic rabbits, particularly female rabbits, which are prone to cancer if not spayed.


Correct rabbit care will greatly increase a pet rabbit lifespan. By handling your bunny correctly, and gaining knowledge on the signs of illness and disease so that you can seek veterinary advice when necessary, is likely to increase the domestic rabbit lifespan. In addition, providing a nutritionally balanced diet is essential to increasing the lifespan of pet rabbits.


We hope this has helped answer the question “how long do rabbits live”.  Till next time, love those bunnies…





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