Inspiring story: Muffin the bunny visits Newtown



As most of you know we at Small Pet Select spend most of our time and energy on serving  our customers by doing the best we can on quality and service of our timothy hay product.  This is inevitable in every small business, naturally you have to place a higher priority on those activities which keep the bills from going unpaid…


But…every once in awhile we will come across something that we just can’t help but dropping everything and making it our primary focus to spread as far and wide as possible.  About 20 minutes ago  I came across such a thing…an inspiring story of the difference one individual and her pet bunny are making in the lives of others, and so just had to share this with you all.


Meet Nancy Laracy (  Thats her in the picture below with the children holding her bunny named Muffin.


Nancy with bunny and kids



Nancy is a writer and activist for the elderly and disabled individuals.  On Nancy’s home page you will see her mission is to “… inspire and educate those individuals suffering with chronic pain as to the many therapeutic benefits of pet therapy”.  


There is a lot on her site, she has such an inspiring story and we encourage all of you to read through her bio and history laid out beautifully on her website.  But specifically we would like to ask you to read about Nancy’s most recent trip with Muffin to the Children’s Adventure Center/Pre-school in Sandy Hook, Newtown Connecticut.


You can read her most recent blog post about the trip by clicking HERE.


Bunny goes to Newtown


In the aftermath of that horrible tragedy we thought this was such a great thing of  Nancy to do, and being that it involves a rabbit we really thought this would be something our readers would be interested in reading and sharing with their friends to show the good things being done by this individual with the help of her lovely bunny.  And further we at Small Pet Select would like to give a big thank you to Nancy – just for being an overall awesome person.  If you feel the same way please take the time to give Nancy a comment on her website or email as a way to say thanks for her  contribution.


Thanks so much and have a wonderful rest of your week.






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