It’s Only Natural: He’s digging a rabbit hole…



When it comes to rabbit behavior, is there anything more natural for your bunny than to dig a rabbit hole?


But before you throw your hands up in horror, thinking “oh no, not my flower borders…,” there’s a way around this – allowing your bunny the freedom to dig a deep a rabbit hole as he wishes AND keep your back yard pristine.


Simply fill a large flower pot with earth, and let him do what comes naturally.


Like this…


Video from YouTube and uploaded by nuvolet2001


Or how about this for some initiative….?  Seems it doesn’t always have to be earth!



Video from YouTube and uploaded by Tamsin Stone


So, seems it really doesn’t take much effort to give your bunny exactly what he wants to let rip to that most natural of bunny behavior – digging a rabbit hole.  (Just make sure you take the plants out before you let him at it…..)


Till next time – love those bunnies…


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