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" I got my second box of Timothy Hay yesterday, it smells as fresh as the first box which our girls went through FAST! They munched, munched away! Plus I signed-up to receive Timothy hay on an auto-schedule, so I don't have to worry about getting more hay in time. Your hay is awesome! "

- Miss Reese -

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Timothy Hay

Timothy Hay

Soft, green, and so fragrant you can practically smell the meadows - this is the kind of timothy hay our pets would pick for themselves if they could. The sole purpose of Small Pet Select is to find the highest quality timothy hay in the world and deliver it fresh and direct to the door of small animal owners across the continental U.S...because pets deserve great hay - plain and simple!

Timothy Hay Pellets

Timothy Hay Pellets

We have been working on our pellets for a long time and we are very excited to finally make them available. These pellets are timothy hay based. We use only the finest ingredients including hand selected high quality timothy hay. The pellets will round out the diet for small pets as they are nutritionally complete with all the essential vitamins and minerals that these animals need to stay healthy.

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The Importance of Hay for Small Animals



guinea pigs

Guinea Pigs



From their teeth to their digestive system, timothy hay for chinchillas plays a vital role in their diet. And naturally, responsible chinchilla owners want to understand as much as they can about their pet's needs. Timothy hay for guinea pigs is important, and it makes sense that you want to know as much as possible about this crucial element of your pet's diet. Timothy hay for rabbits; vital for our pets in so many ways. From fiber to dentistry, timothy is a fibrous material that is critical to your small pet.