What Do Rabbits Eat? Top 10 Favorite Foods

Rabbits 101: What Do Rabbits Eat?


We all know that when it comes down to asking what do rabbits eat, that the #1 answer is, of course, hay, followed by good quality rabbit pellets.


But as any rabbit owner is well aware of, our bunnies absolutely adore various vegetables and fruits, so I thought it might be fun to compile a “top 10” list of our rabbits favourite foods to eat.  After all, we all have those snacks we reach for in times of happiness, sadness or simply when we’re feeling a little peckish, so undoubtedly our rabbits feel the same.  That’s why one day they’ll happily munch into a carrot, and the next day much prefer some nice parsley!


If your looking for a video on what do bunnies eat, here’s a great video of a rabbit searching for yummy treats – and shows a great way of turning snacks into valuable stimulation for a rabbit.



Video courtesy of YouTube and uploaded by StFrancisRabbit


Rabbits in the wild would automatically seek out a varied diet, so it makes sense that when we feed our bunnies at home then they also appreciate a variety of different rabbit food and treats


So, after a little research, observing our own pets and asking around, we’ve come up with the following list of all time champion bunny foods:


Top 10 Foods Rabbits Eat


#1  –  Carrot tops – we’ve yet to find a bunny that doesn’t enjoy munching into these babies – sometimes with frightening ferocity!!

#2 – Watercress – a very popular snack with rabbit everywhere


#3 – Celery – yum yum – this always gets the thumbs (paws?) up from most rabbits.


#4 – Dandelion greens  – from a pesticide free area, of course.


#5 – Kiwi fruit – not too much, naturally, but being as this is one of my fave fruits, I totally get why the rabbit likes to eat them too


#6 – Bell peppers – all colors


#7 – Fennel – the leaf part from the top seems to be the most popular bunny treat


#8 – Mint – and it smells so good as well.


#9 – Apple – any variety, so our test subjects seem to agree.


#10 – Brussels sprouts – although in my opinion I don’t understand this as it’s the one veggie I don’t like.  But, each to their own, and they certainly go down well with the rabbit community, that’s for sure…

What do bunnies eat, rabbit food












We hope this discussion on what rabbits eat has been helpful.  But now its over to you guys.  What are the favorite foods that your bunnies like to eat?  I’ll bet my last dollar that they’ll be a multitude of different answers, but it will be great to hear about the likes and dislikes of the bunnies owned by our SPS community.


Till next time – love those bunnies…


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