2nd Cut Timothy Hay for Chinchillas

Small Pet Select is proud of being able to provide the nation’s small pets with great quality hay for them to eat.  And, being that hay is the subject closest to our hearts, we like to make the subject easy for chinchilla owners to understand.  So this article is about 2nd cut timothy hay for chinchillas, and explaining exactly what this means.

Hay, as well as pellets, is a vital part of your chinnies diet.  So it makes sense that as a responsible owner you want to know all about the best nutrition for your pet.

second cut timothy hay for small pets

What is 2nd cut timothy hay?

Well, 2nd cut timothy hay for chinchillas is exactly as it’s name suggests – the second cutting taken from the fields in the year.  Whereas the first cut is taken at the beginning of the summer, the second cut takes place in the late summer.


Nutritional quality of 2nd cut timothy hay for chinchillas

This second cut of quality timothy hay is generally slightly lower in fiber and a little higher in protein than the first cut.  However, 2nd cut timothy hay for chinchillas provides a much softer hay.  It’s also leafier, but still contains plenty of pliable stems, and tends to be favored by chinchillas and other small pets over the first cutting of hay.


Good points and bad points about 2nd cut timothy hay for chinchillas

The softer, 2nd cutting timothy hay for chinchillas might be slightly lower in fiber than the first cut, but this provides more advantages than disadvantages.  The softness means there’s no danger that your chinnie might get poked in the eye by the stalks (such as with 1st cut hay), yet the hay is still pliable enough to be a great fiber provider in their diet.


At Small Pet Select we sell second cut timothy hay for chinchillas and small pets.  This is because most small pets tend to prefer this slightly softer hay, and therefore eat more of it.


The second cut of hay really gives your chinchilla the best of both worlds; still more than high enough in fiber to give him the amount he needs for good health, and good and palatable that your chins love eating it.


Till next time, love those chinchillas…