2nd Cut Timothy Hay for Guinea Pigs


If you’ve landed on this page, chances are you’re a guinea pig owner that is fed up with the quality of hay you’ve been finding in the stores, and you’re crossing your fingers hoping there is better 2nd cut timothy hay for guinea pigs out there…


We have good news for you….there is!

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What is 2nd cut timothy hay?

2nd cut timothy hay for guinea pigs is as simple as this; it’s the second cut of the year of grass grown specifically to produce hay.  This takes place at the end of the summer, as opposed to the first cutting that takes place at the beginning of the summer.

Nutritional quality of 2nd cut timothy hay for rabbits

Now, being as hay is simply dried grass, the time of year in which it grows does have some input on the nutritional quality of the hay.  And in the case of 2nd cutting timothy hay for guinea pigs is that it has a slightly lower fiber content and slightly higher protein content than 1st cut hay.


The sole mission Small Pet Select is to find the very best timothy hay for small animals and deliver that hay fresh and direct to our customers door.  We invite you to come poke around our shop, and we hope you will become one of the thousands of customers that depend on Small Pet Select for all of their timothy hay and pellet needs.