Alfalfa Hay for Chinchillas

 Feeding Chinchillas Alfalfa Hay


Alfalfa hay for chinchillas…  So what’s the difference between that and other types of chinchilla hay that you regularly purchase?


Well, the biggest difference between the two is the nutritional content.  You see, alfalfa hay for chinchillas is higher in protein and calories, as well as being a little lower in fiber than other types of what’s known as “grass hay.”  And the most common grass hay that you’ll find is generally timothy hay.


But chinchillas differ from other small pets (such as rabbits and guinea pigs) in that they can enjoy both types of hay in their diet.  This means that, depending on a chinnie’s energy expenditure, he can enjoy both timothy hay and alfalfa hay on a weekly basis.  And this is yummy for him as it gives him variety in his (or her) diet.


Alfalfa hay for chinchillas belongs to a group of hays known as legume hay.  Timothy hay, on the other hand, belongs to the group known as grass hay.  You might also have noticed that chinchilla pellets can be made of either timothy hay or alfalfa hay.  In the same way as feeding alfalfa hay for chinchillas to your pet will give him a higher energy foodstuff, so will feeding chinchilla pellets made from alfalfa.


Does alfalfa hay for chinchillas look different to timothy hay for chinchillas?

Absolutely!  The most noticeable difference between the two is the texture.  Alfalfa is far softer than timothy or other grass hays.  It might also be a deeper green color, as well as having visible alfalfa flower heads in the hay.


Naturally, when feeding alfalfa hay for chinchillas, in similarity to any other kind of hay, you should feed the best quality possible.  This means it should be crisp, sweet smelling and have no dust whatsoever.

feed alfalfa hay to chinchillas

If you’re unsure whether or not you should be feeding alfalfa to your chinnie, then you should consult with a chinchilla savvy veterinarian or professional.  They’ll be able to advise you how and when you should feed alfalfa hay for chinchillas – as well as how many times a week you should do so.feed alfalfa hay to chinchillas

feed alfalfa hay to chinchillas

Till next time, love those chinchillas….

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