Alfalfa Pellets For Rabbits

Feeding Alfalfa Pellets to Rabbits 


When it comes to feeding our pets, there are certain times of a rabbit’s life when he needs the extra energy content provided by the legume hay known as alfalfa.  And one way of feeding this is by giving him alfalfa pellets for rabbits. These Alfalfa Hay pellets for rabbits are a great source of protein and are easy to use.

But what are they exactly?  How do you know if your rabbit needs them?  And which one of the many different brands available should you choose?

Luckily, with just a little knowledge, it’s easy to make the right choices regarding food for your pet.  In the same way as knowing a little bit about hay for your rabbit makes selecting the best for him somewhat easier, so does understanding the difference between alfalfa hay pellets for rabbits and those made from timothy hay.


What exactly are alfalfa pellets for rabbits that have hay in them?

Alfalfa hay pellets are, unsurprisingly, made from alfalfa hay.  But what is this exactly?  And why are they any different from feeding alfalfa hay on its own?

Well, pelleted rabbit food is produced as a way of giving your rabbit not only the fiber provided by hay, but also a carefully balanced diet of the other essential nutrition he needs.  This includes vitamins, minerals and other trace elements.

So whilst hay is, naturally, essential for your rabbit, feeding a pelleted food provides him with the other ingredients he needs for a healthy diet.

A rabbit pellet produced from alfalfa, as opposed to timothy hay, has a higher energy and calorie content.  These kind of pellets would be fed at the times of a rabbit’s life when he has a greater energy need.


Reasons why alfalfa hay pellets for rabbits are good for your pet

Pellet food for rabbits contains a carefully constructed and balanced combination of vitamins, minerals and other nutrition that he needs to stay in good health.  And because the main ingredient of the pellets is hay, they’re also a great way of giving your rabbit the essential fiber he needs.

feed alfalfa pellets to bunnies

What to look for when you buy alfalfa hay pellets for rabbits

In the same way as food for humans is labeled with an ingredient list, so are alfalfa hay pellets for rabbits.  The ingredient that makes up the greatest proportion of the food is always at the top of the list, with the rest in descending order of quantity below.

So, when you’re looking at pelleted rabbit food, if the very first ingredient on the list isn’t alfalfa hay, then you need to choose another brand.


When would you feed alfalfa hay pellets rather than those made from timothy hay?


There are certain points of a rabbit’s life when he needs the extra energy and calories provided by alfalfa hay.  So, at these times you might well feed alfalfa hay pellets, as well as alfalfa hay, for him to munch on.

Times when a rabbit might need alfalfa hay products include:


– Pregnant and nursing mothers

– Baby and growing rabbits

– Rabbits recovering from injury or illness

– In the later stages of a rabbit’s life when he might have a decreased appetite or trouble keeping on weight.