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rabbits with diabetes

Diabetes in Rabbits

​True diabetes is rare to arguably non-existent in rabbits. Good news for the vast majority of buns! It is so uncommon that rabbit-savvy vets with years of experience may never have had to diagnose and treat a case … bad news for the unlucky patient.  Diabetes mellitus occurs due to a dysfunction of the pancreas. … Continue Reading

find place to rent with pets

Renting with Pets

Are you suddenly placing undeserved value on a free cardboard box? Did your social circle dramatically shrink right before the big day? Sounds like you’re moving. Whether you’re looking to rent a new home across the street or across the country, moving is stressful enough. Renting with pets can be especially challenging. In fact, according … Continue Reading

pet owner holding rabbit

When Pet Parents Fall on Tough Times

Our pets are family members. We throw them birthday parties, give them their own nicknames, hang up their holiday stockings next to the kids’, and spoil them silly throughout the year. But when the unexpected happens, our pets often become the silent victims of tough times. Financial hardship due to job loss or divorce, emergency moves … Continue Reading

allergic to your pet

Are You Allergic to Your Rabbit?

While severe respiratory allergic reactions to rabbits are actually fairly uncommon, mild allergies are frequently listed as one of the top reasons rabbits are surrendered to shelters and rescues. The proteins in the saliva left on the fur after your rabbit grooms himself is often what causes the irritation – not actually the fur itself. … Continue Reading

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