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Best Gerbil Videos

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Okay, y’all. Now, I realize this is a silly question because the answer is so obvious. But is there a better way to start your day than with a few of the most awesome gerbil videos? Ever? Nope.

So here you go. Enjoy. And smile today. You deserve it.

  1. Woah! Gerbils are talented little things. Look at those hops! #impressive. Watch here.
  2. Now. I realize there’s no cutesy music playing in the background in this one, but look at these little floofs loving their gerbil sand bath. Spa days are good for the soul. Check it out.
  3. Someone needs practice social distancing. See why.
  4. Life is rough. What do you think?           
  5. Gerbils love art, too. I wish I was this talented.
  6. No words needed. Have you ever seen anything more awesome? I’m betting no.
  7. If you thought gerbils didn’t wag their tails for treats, you were wrong. Told ya so.         
  8. Okay. Not an actual gerbil video… but 100% awesome. (I religiously watch Family Feud and this is by far the best answer I’ve ever heard.

Have a great week! Remember... gerbil videos are awesome. Gerbils are awesome. And so are you. ❤️

happy gerbil

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