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Best Vacuum Options for Small Animal Households

best vacuums for hay

If any of y’all have a small animal, you 101% know how tough it is to keep your house clean. Those busy bunnies, mischievous mice, rad rats, go-at-it guineas, hilarious hamsters, crazy chins…. you get the picture. They’re so worth it, but also, SO messy. So what’s the best way to keep your house clean? It may seem like a daunting task that can’t be accomplished. If we have small animals, does it mean that we’re going to live in messy turmoil forever? The answer is actually no. You don’t have to! I promise. There are plenty of hay mess options to keep that crib clean. So what are they? What are the best vacuums to clean up hay?

Hay is a staple in a small animal's diet. It’s an absolute must. Fresh, unlimited hay keeps that gut moving… we don’t want GI stasis. But since this must can get messy, what on earth do we do when we find our houses being taken over?

Vacuums rock. And there are quite a few options to help with hay. I’m going to rate my top recommendations below.

Realize, though, that I’m going to put shop vacs in here. However, think through if a shop vac is realistic for you. Lots of people don’t have room to store one (they’re bulky). But they work!

Shop vacs are super versatile. But they’re bulky, so that may be a downfall for you. If you have room to store it (and are simply looking for only a hay vac), I totally recommend this. It has a detachable blower! Hello! Shop vacs are also easy to unclog, which it a plus. And for $90 bucks, ya can’t really go wrong.

This bagless guy comes with six extra tools, including the articulating hard floor tool, for removing fine dust and dirt from hard to reach places. Clocking in at $599 (you can usually catch a sale, though), it’s a pretty penny, but well worth it. My Dyson is going on 5 years and works as well now as the day I bought her. Yes, her. Her name is Sue. Dyson also provides a 30 day money back guarantee, so if it’s not for you, send back (free shipping on returns).

These guys are pretty darn nice. They’re rechargeable, total bonus. And they’re pretty reasonable, with a $60 price tag. However, you’ll probably have to replace them more often than you would your shop vac or Dyson. But at the price, who cares? And! The difference between regular carpet sweepers and the Shark is that the roller spits out hay into a tray: no tubes, pipes or bags. Once the tray is full, you just empty it. The tray is the length of the sweeper itself, so it’s great for picking up long piece of hay.

This is a really great option if you’re looking for a good deal! It’s bagless, has a cleanable filter, and the cup is big enough to vacuum without emptying (as long as your house isn’t 10,000 square feet :)). Reviews say it rarely clogs, and you really don’t have to do much pre-vacuum hay pickup (BONUS!!!). Suction is fantastic and this is a versatile vacuum, so you can use on other things, not just hay (a bonus of a non-shop-vac vac).

Above are just a few options - options that I’ve found pretty helpful and… they work. Again, price point, storage, bulkiness: you need to find the best vacuum for you and your little. Hay can be a nightmare, so we totally get it. But go with one of these, and hay, I bet you won’t be disappointed!

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