Top 10 Toys for Guinea Pigs

Toys are not just fun.  Sure, it IS fun to play.  The exercise is important, too. Guinea pigs need to stretch, romp, and popcorn.  Let's not forget those teeth!  Chewing and tugging on toys help wear down those constantly growing chompers.

All toys are not created equal!  Guinea pigs are very sensitive to even the smallest chemical residues.  We avoid all pesticides, varnishes, lacquers, ​dyes and glues that are not food safe, metal parts, and anything sourced in China or other untrusted places.  Our toys come from people we know and work with closely, and they are made by hand.  If your cavy swallows bits of toy while chewing and playing, you want to know they are just ingesting safe natural fibers, and nothing harmful.   With these toys, you have no worries.

honeysuckle ring toy for rabbits


A great new taste addition to your animal's forage, as well as a fun toss and chew toy. This ring gives you variety AND activity!  Hadn't thought of honeysuckle?  Well your rabbit has - it is one of the things they really go for in nature.  See for yourself!

Calvin absolutely loves your hay and products.  He loved the leafy green honeysuckle vine ring so much, it was gone in a day!  Weill definitely be buying more of those.  Thank you for such great products.

Shannon C.

I didn't think of honeysuckle - I was used to seeing willow.  Ears went nuts, I don't think he'll ever be satisfied with willow again.  Thanks, I think.  Please don't ever run out of these.

Fawn E.

natural meadow ball guinea pig toy
natural meadow ball rabbit toy


Lucious meadow grass, all twisted and wrapped into a ball of fun goodness. What is better than a treat you can eat and play with too? Healthy high fiber, totally safe.

This toy is great for chewing and tossing, and you might even see more than one cavy playing with it at a time.

My boys love it (meadow ball).  From the moment this was put into their pen, they have been obsessed with this! 

B. L. Brand

She was digging at the box as soon as she got a whiff of the sweet hay.  It has become a nest for her, in the middle of the living room.  We can only hope that eventually she'll let us move it over where her hay used to be kept.  But for now, she gets suspicious every time we get too close.

John B.
rye twist toy for rabbits and guinea pigs


Oh, this one is kinda springy! Look at that, step on it, grab it with your teeth, let go, and it jumps! How fun is that? When has getting one’s fiber ever been this enjoyable? Let’s try tossing it. Oh! It springs when it lands! Hah! OK, now let’s try the other flavor. We love variety.

I bought a twist for my guinea pigs and they loved it.  They played tug of war with it.  I would highly recommend it.

Donna D.

My guinea immediately began chewing on this.  They love it!  Fun shape and obviously tastes yummy to them.


sea grass bowl toy for rabbits and guinea pigs


Safe and great for chewing, these bowls can be stuffed with hay, herbs, flowers, and herbs to give your little friend a nutrition treat that is as yummy as it is fun.  

Want to make it even better?  Stuff that bowl with herbal mixes and some hay for a cornucopia of nom nom.

I'm using this as a food bowl, so it is a toy and it's useful at the same time.  My pigs like to chew it, knock it over, and move it around.

Heather W.

Sea Grass bowl a hit.  We love everything we've received from Small Pet Select!  Keep up the good work!

Julia M.

okra pod crunch toy for rabbits and guinea pigs.


These pods crunch like mad. This is a very satisfying sensation for the little animals. Super nice fiber in this edible. There are seeds inside, and sometimes you can hear them rattle around a bit. No worries, the seeds are part of the package - totally edible and safe.  (The seeds are tiny and only fiber, they do not contain the high fats that sunflower and pumpkin seeds worries!)

These are great for those animals who like to chew on everything!  Keeps them occupied for a while.  Great toy!

Ellen A.

Okra pods?  I had to laugh.  My grandma used to make me fried okra all the  time.  So I figured I'd get one, just because of the memories.  I didn't expect it'd be such a huge hit.  There was so much crunching I couldn't hear the tv.  So I'm ordering a bunch now.


apple sticks for rabbits and guinea pigs


Your pet will love to munch on these all natural apple wood sticks! They are 4" long, about 1/8" inch in diameter and come in bundles of fifteen. They are a great natural treat and help with keeping your pet mentally and physically stimulated. Hint: wedge a few of these sticks in the corner of the ex-pen, rather than just putting them down on the floor. This will allow your friend to pull and tug on the sticks, which is an important natural behavior. Your friend will appreciate the chance to tug!

My guinea pig girl loves these little sticks.  She prefers them over any other store bought ones we have tried in the past.  I have them on auto order for this reason alone.  Many thank to Small Pet Select: grinning.

Destiny S.

My guinea pig's teeth seemed like they needed to munch on something that would get rid of their sharpness and this was perfect for them.  We live in FLA and don't have any apple trees that grow in our area.  I was happy that these sticks were not sprayed with unhealthy pesticides that could harm them.

Tamara Z.
mobile toy for rabbits and guinea pigs


We know. As much as you might want to stay home all the time and interact with your animal, that just doesn’t work. So when you aren’t there, what is a beastie to do? Well, chew and tug and pull on a mobile, of course!

Pulling and tugging are important for small animals. They will tug on branches and bark, keeping their teeth in good shape. Giving your animal the chance to do "natural" behaviors makes life better for everyone!

Great quality toy and easy to tie to the side of the pen.  I like that everything was natural.  And it did keep my sweet girl occupied for a long time.  She would go over and work on it whenever she was bored, I guess.  She also seemed to go for it when she was a little anxious, like before dinner time.  I'm very happy with the quality.

Marie G.

Buns and piggies both love it.  Definitely worth it.  Nice variety of items on mobile.

Ashley L.

oat fidget sticks toys for rabbits and guinea pigs


Sometimes we all need to fiddle with something. We play solitaire on our phone, small animals chew. Chew and toss and chew some more. Here is a nice little edible for them, so they can pass some time doing small animal things - chewing. Chew chew chew. They get some nice fiber along the way - a bonus! Just in case there is a plump beastie around that may need some diet planning…oat is the tiniest bit higher in fat.

Loved these.  A combination of oats and a twisted stuck of hay makes for the best of both worlds.  Great idea.

Donna N.

My old man Barney has trouble with a lot of hard stuff, even hay that isn't really soft.  I had trouble finding toys for him.  These are nice and soft, and he like the flowery/seedy parts a lot.  Thanks for a toy Barney can enjoy!

Barney the Elder Rabbit

bundle of willow sticks for rabbits and guinea pigs


Measures approximately 11 x 2.0 inches (27.94 x 3.81 cm) and features thin unpeeled willow sticks bundled on each end with willow. Give the full bundle to your pet and let them have fun taking it apart. The number of sticks varies based upon individual thicknesses - the average is 22 sticks per bundle.

This bundle is a good toy for animals who love to chew hard.  The sticks separate a little bit as they chew, so I think maybe it is even good for gums?  Not sure.  But they love it!

Carol R.

This bundle was great to put in the carrier during a trip to the vet.  It let my rabbit release her anxiety by chewing chewing chewing, and it seemed to help.  My guinea pigs love this too.

Francis E.

sea grass mat for rabbit


Large - 11" x 12" x 1/8"

These grass mats are woven from natural sea grass - and nothing else. They are soft and thin to protect sensitive feet. Safe and edible, these mats are a staple for small animal play areas. Dig, dig, chew, dig, chew. Note: Because these are hand made and natural, size and colors fluctuate.

These saved my carpet!  This is a perfect toy for animals who chew or dig.  Recommend putting something heavy on one corner so they can really tug hard.

Mark S.

It is very good quality and I use it in the feeding area of the guinea pig cage.  Its large enough for 2-3 guinea pigs to sit on comfortably.  Highly recommend it!


Our orders are packed by hand, so we have quality checks right through shipping!  We have our hands on everything we send out to you.

hand packed products

We started out selling the freshest best hay we could find. We learned how much people (and rabbits, and guinea pigs, and chinchillas) appreciated the quality of our hay, and we decided to expand the mission of offering the things that little animals need. Now we offer bedding, herbal mixes and single herbs, safe toys, pellets, and some goodies for the humans. Making the highest quality products available to you is our focus, and what we spend our energy on..we believe in everything we offer. We get up every morning loving what we do!  

the Small Pet Select family

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customer testimonial about picky bunny

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