Why do Rabbits Thump?

Today I thought it might be interesting to talk a little bit about rabbit behavior and body language, including answering the question why do rabbits thump.  After all, we as humans communicate far more by the way of body language than we ever do by speaking, so it makes sense that our rabbits also exhibit similar behavior.


And one of the strangest of all types of rabbit body language is the thump.  If you’ve never seen a rabbit do this before, then take a look at this video to see what it looks like.



Video courtesy of YouTube and uploaded by Pooopyscoopy


So… Why Do Rabbits Thump Their Foot? 

Rabbit thumping is all about a bunny signaling a warning or expressing his or her displeasure.  And even the sweetest of pets can exhibit this particular kind of bunny behavior.  Some of the reasons why rabbits thump can seem a little bizarre to us, as humans.  But then, when you remember that our bunnies are prey animals, and that they’re pretty much at the bottom of the food chain out there in the big wild world, then it becomes a little easier to understand why they might be nervous or startled by something that we might not have even contemplated.


In the bunny world, a thump of either a single hind leg or both together is enough to create a noise that others will hear and take heed of.  Or if a rabbit is unhappy at something then it can literally be what bunnies do to say “oi!  I don’t like that.”


why do bunnies thump their foot


So, have you seen this kind of behavior in your pets? Does your rabbit thump? And have you managed to work out why he or she does it.  We’d love to hear the reason to why your rabbits thump.  Some do it more than others, some do it at night, others do it for perhaps the most obscure reasons.  So – over to you to tell us what insights you’ve come to in our quest for further understanding our rabbit’s behavior.  Who knows – perhaps, between us, we can come up with the definitive answer to the question of “why do rabbits thump?”

Till next time – love those bunnies….


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