Can Guinea Pigs Eat Too Much Timothy Hay


Can Guinea Pigs eat too much timothy hay at One Time?


Guinea pigs won’t usually overeat timothy hay.  In fact, overeating is generally a human trait, and not one that animals tend to suffer from. Because a guinea pig NEEDS to eat an almost constant supply of fiber, then there should never be any reason to worry that your piggy might gorge on too much timothy hay or any other type of hay at once.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule – such as if a guinea pig is grossly overweight.  However, any diet requirements in this case should only be undertaken with the advice of your vet or a guinea pig expert.  This is because withholding timothy hay from a piggy can have disastrous consequences – such as a potentially fatal problem known as gastrointestinal stasis.  This is where the gut movement slows down or even stops altogether – something that you really don’t want to happen to your piggy. Guinea Pigs need the necessary fiber from timothy hay and other hays to make sure they digest their food properly and avoid guinea pig health issues.

can guinea pigs eat too much hay


Should I Worry About My Guinea Pig Eating Too Much Hay?

In general, you don’t have to worry that your pig might “pig out” on too much timothy hay at one time, because he actually needs this constant source of fiber to ensure that he remains in good health. And one of the great things about our soft timothy hay is that your guinea pig can eat it at his or her leisure, because it is so fresh. So make sure you provide your guinea pig with the best timothy hay and timothy hay pellets from small pet select.


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