Can Guinea Pigs Live on Timothy Hay Only?

Can My Guinea Pigs Diet Consist Entirely of Timothy Hay ?

Whilst a good quality timothy hay will provide a good portion of your guinea pig’s nutritional requirements, he can’t really live on this alone.  This is because a guinea pig, in a similar way to human beings, is unable to synthesize vitamin C within their body.  So they need to gain it on a daily basis from an outside source. Thats why a combination of natural timothy hay and timothy hay pellets that contain the additive of Vitamin C, are the best way to keep your piggie healthy.

To this end, most guinea pig pellets are fortified with vitamin C, and it’s essential that he or she gets this every day.  So whilst he does need to have timothy hay (or another grass hay) every single day, it’s also vital to ensure that he gets his source of vitamin C as well.

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