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Plantain: rabbit and guinea pig forage that helps digestion

  Looking for even more ways to add to the richness of your rabbit’s or guinea pig’s diet?  Plantain rabbit and guinea pig forage is a tasty and healthy choice.  It not only adds variety and interest, but goes one more step and supports the mucous membranes.   Healthy mucous membranes mean healthier digestive and […]

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5 Myths about rabbits BUSTED

Rabbits have not been domestic pets for nearly as long as dogs, cats, even horses.  Buns are pretty new on the scene, really.  So, we just don’t know as much about them.  And they haven’t had as long to acclimate to us either.There are a few super common misconceptions about rabbits that we’d like to […]

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Rabbit bonding: is it true love, or only tolerance?

​You’ve got two rabbits who are not fighting, and you’ve decided the match has worked.  Nobody is breaking up.Have you ever been stuck sharing a hotel room with someone at a conference? Or maybe you remember having to work hard at tolerating someone who shared your cubicle at work?​Rabbits, particularly those who have been bonded […]

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Rabbit bonding: this isn’t working

​You’ve read all this, you’ve tried it all.  You’ve found help at your local rescue.  This relationship is still not working.There is the occasional situation when rabbits cannot be bonded.If you have taken plenty of time, gone through all the steps, provided nice big neutral areas for bonding sessions, changed bonding areas after a fight, […]

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