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Chinchilla treats: what is good, and what to avoid

By Dr. Robin Rysavy, Chapter Manager, Missouri House Rabbit Society, Kansas City  Chinchillas are adorable.  They are playful, cute, entertaining, and full of energy – and they love to beg for treats.  They are hard to resist when it come to begging, and believe me, they are masters at it!Chinchillas are herbivores, and, therefore, their […]

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Best ways to remove fur from clothes and furniture!

Do you ever get a look at yourself walking out the door and sigh, wondering how to get that fur off your office clothes? Or maybe your friend stops by, and hesitates to sit, then you notice the furry couch? If you are like me, you have become so used to fur on everything that […]

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Hay’s got to breathe! How do you store hay for your rabbit or guinea pig?

Hay is messy, and takes up space. Where and how we store it can be problematic – we want it out of the way, but we need to get to it several times a day.   Your hay does best in the dark, where sun can’t damage it.  It also does best in dry places, with […]

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Rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas need a special kind of pet sitter.

Your friend is special.  Different.  Not quite like the other “typical” house pets out there.  Your friend needs a special kind of pet sitter.  So when you go away, it can be a monumental effort to find a great in-home caregiver.   Pay attention to how the potential caregiver greets your rabbit.  Does he or […]

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Boarding: how to find the right home-away-from-home for your rabbit, guinea pig, or chinchilla.

It can be hard to decide between having someone come into your home while you are away, or boarding your friend at someone else’s home.  If your animal stays at home, will they get enough interaction, or get bored and lonely?  Will the trip to the new place be traumatic?  Will the smells and sounds of […]

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