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Ferret holiday helpers

Ferrets… The Best Holiday Helpers Around

If you’re anything like me, you love a good holiday decoration helper. Having one just makes things so much easier and more enjoyable. Especially with some nice music playing in the background and a little hot chocolate to sip on… with extra marshmallows, of course. Or wine. Either works.  If you’re a ferret owner and need … Continue Reading

Best Ferret YouTube Videos

Best Ferret YouTube Videos

My latest obsession is watching YouTube videos, and sometimes I just have to take a break from “funniest American Idol auditions” and watch something else. You know, to switch it up a little. (Do you remember William Hung’s audition? I swear I’ve spent at LEAST seventeen hours of my life with that video on replay.) Anyhow, … Continue Reading

Best ferret memes!

Funniest Ferret Memes

Who out there needs a good Monday laugh? You’re welcome. Here are my fav ferret memes.Honestly, I’d write more on this blog, but I don’t even think it’s necessary. Happy Monday, everyone!!

How to find the perfect pet sitter

Interviewing a Pet Sitter

We all love our small pets. That’s a no-brainer. But even though we love them and would do absolutely anything in the universe for them, sometimes, we simply can’t be there. Vacations, emergencies, work trips. You get it… it’s just life. So, what do we do with our small animals when we’re not around? Well, … Continue Reading

waardenburg in ferrets

Waardenburg Syndrome in Ferrets

Waardenburg syndrome is a genetically inherited condition that causes defects of the neural crest pathways in ferrets. The problem lies within the neural crest cells, where they do not develop properly. These cells begin when the ferret is still in the embryonic stage and spread throughout the embryo to other organs, cartilage, nerves and tissue. When … Continue Reading

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