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FEEDING unlimited hay vs. EATING unlimited hay

When you were a little kid, chances are you tried to hide your peas under the potatoes.  Or maybe fed them to the dog under the table.  Just because someone gave us healthy and nutritious food didn’t mean we ate it.  Our rabbits and guinea pigs may be doing the same thing: we need to […]

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Best ways to remove fur from clothes and furniture!

Do you ever get a look at yourself walking out the door and sigh, wondering how to get that fur off your office clothes? Or maybe your friend stops by, and hesitates to sit, then you notice the furry couch? If you are like me, you have become so used to fur on everything that […]

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Talking guinea pigs help explain pumpkin, and we introduce new treats

We just can’t get enough of talking guinea pigs!  These two would be happy, we think, with our new pumpkin treats.  Made by one of the folks at the Missouri House Rabbit Society, these treats are high in fiber and yumminess.  Pumpkin is a great source of fiber, and soothing for the GI tract.  These […]

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Easy Cool-down Ice Cubes of Goodness

      Hot weather is tough on small animals.  Cool them down with these quick and cubes of goodness…just put some greens, herbs, and berries in your ice cube tray, fill with water and freeze. Ice cube coolness!     photo credit:      Guinea pigs can have fruit and veggies too.  (Not […]

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Guinea Pig Care: what are malocclusions?

Guinea pigs and those teeth!  Guinea pigs really do need regular dental check-ups, since their teeth grow constantly.  Even if we provide them with lots of hay and other fiber, and tons of safe natural wood toys to chew and tug, our little friends can still develop problems.   Your guinea pig’s teeth won’t need regular […]

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