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5 Myths about rabbits BUSTED

Rabbits have not been domestic pets for nearly as long as dogs, cats, even horses.  Buns are pretty new on the scene, really.  So, we just don’t know as much about them.  And they haven’t had as long to acclimate to us either.There are a few super common misconceptions about rabbits that we’d like to […]

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Top 10 Toys for Guinea Pigs

Toys are not just fun.  Sure, it IS fun to play.  The exercise is important, too. Guinea pigs need to stretch, romp, and popcorn.  Let’s not forget those teeth!  Chewing and tugging on toys help wear down those constantly growing chompers.All toys are not created equal!  Guinea pigs are very sensitive to even the smallest chemical […]

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Red Door Animal Shelter gets free hay from Small Pet Select

As part of our Rabbit Name contest last month, participants also voted on their favorite shelter.  The big winner was Red Door Animal Shelter in Chicago, so we sent them 200 lbs of our timothy hay.  We love to help out where we can, especially if we can help out rescues and shelters who do […]

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The Best Rabbit Reference Books to keep on hand

No mater how long we’ve lived with and loved rabbits, none of us has the answer all the time.  There are a few reference books you can keep on hand that will help quite a bit, especially in an emergency.  We recommend keeping these right there with the grooming supplies and hay, within easy reach.A […]

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The Top 5 Things Every Guinea Pig Wants!

MEADOW BALL HONEYSUCKLE RING TOY SET 1. TOYS AND CHEWS Keep those minds and those teeth busy with toys. Giving a guinea pig plenty to tug, toss, and chew will make their days much happier. Tugging is often overlooked – guinea pigs pull at bark and twigs to wear teeth down, and our cavies  love that […]

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