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Does My Ferret Need a Friend?

do ferrets need bond mates
I know I always say this, but small pets are so much like people. I read about a little ferret who had recently become depressed because her playmate had recently passed. It was the saddest story ever: they had really developed a serious bond, just like humans do. And the second reason they became so depressed is because their human owner just didn’t spend the time with him that they require. It broke my heart. So, that being said, is a ferret bond mate needed in order for our pets to live happy, healthy lives?
Not necessarily. But they do need attention… from someone.
Ferrets are playful little guys and gals; they love to have interaction and lots of fun things to do. They’re so sweet, and silly, but in order to keep their happy, loving little personalities, they’ve got to be around other happy, loving personalities.
Your ferret doesn’t necessarily NEED a bond mate, depending on the time, energy and home environment that you’re able to give. If you have enough time, your ferret may even enjoy having you to themselves. But, if you find that you’re not able to provide that level of time commitment, it’s probably beneficial for them to have a companion. I know I’d want one.
If you’re new to ferret ownership, it’s really recommended that you adopt them together so they’re introduced at a young age, and gradually, too.
Let’s not pretend that ferrets aren’t high maintenance animals. To be honest, most small pets are. They require tons of time, cleaning and educating yourself on how to keep a happy, healthy animal. And so much more.
Ferrets don’t need a bond mate. But if you can’t spend as much time as they need with them, they actually really do.

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