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Is your friend fit?

is your friend fit

is your rabbit fit or fat

Your rabbit may not posing in front of the mirror, turning this way and that, assessing the need for more pilates.  But…you do need to keep an eye on their weight.  Your rabbit can be fit or fat, and you are the one in charge of finding that proper weight.

Excess weight can put a strain on their hearts, increase the load on joints, and can even lead to diabetes.  Overweight rabbits can’t get to their caecotrophs easily, if at all.  This not only causes poopy butt and some unsightly smears on the floor, but also means they aren’t getting to eat those little brown fermented balls that they need to get the most out of their nutrition.

How can you tell if you rabbit is fit?  Well, there's the muffin top test we described here.  You can also check by feeling along their spine, hips, and shoulders.  You should be able to feel the bones fairly distinctly but without any sharpness.  Like there is a thick towel between bone and skin.  No soft pillowy-ness, though. 

Always lose weight slowly…gradual loss is the only safe way to do it.  No quick lemonade diets for these guys, or you can end up with very serious health problems.  Sometimes a diet change to more fiber is all that is needed, sometimes more exercise will help a great deal.  Your vet can help you figure out what is necessary.

We don't know any personal trainers for rabbits, but we hear there are some yoga-with-your-rabbit classes out there! (The picture below is from Sunberry Yoga in British Columbia.  Those darn Canadians have all the fun.) How do you keep your rabbit fit?


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