Guinea Pig Pellets

High Quality Pellets for Guinea Pig Health


Although we advocate the diet of your guinea pig to be  made up of at least 70%-80% of a high quality grass hay, your guinea pig also needs some crucial vitamins and minerals that they cannot get from hay alone.  This is why they should also be getting some specialized guinea pig pellets each day to supplement their hay diet.




Below is the label for our guinea pig pellets:



timothy hay based guinea pig pellets


From the label above you should notice three important things:


1.  These are a timothy hay based pellets



 This is important because many of the guinea pig pellets on the market are actually alfalfa based, even though this runs completely contrary to all of the current literature on guinea pig health.  The best brands that are sold in stores will have a timothy based pellet for adult guinea pigs and an alfalfa based pellet for young and growing guinea pigs (under 6 months old).  Our timothy based pellet is made with hand selected, top quality timothy hay.  As hay is the main ingredient of the pellet, the quality and freshness of the hay really does matter. If you use inferior quality hay you will get an inferior quality pellet.


2.  Fortified with all essential vitamins and minerals


These pellets are fortified with all the essential vitamins and minerals that guinea pigs need, including stabilized vitamin c.  Vitamin C is important because just like humans guinea pigs cannot produce vitamin c in their own.


 3.  Made In Small Batches And Delivered Fresh


This is main reason Small Pet Select pellets are going to be different than what you might find at the store.  We make these pellets in small batches with only high quality ingredients.  We then ship them out direct to our customers as they order, in other words they do not sit in a distribution warehouse or in on the retail shelf for months or years before being sold to a customer and given to a pet. You will notice the difference when you open a bag of these pellets as the aroma is stronger.  The freshness of course helps to make the pellets more appetizing and enjoyable for your pet.


Below is a photo of our timothy hay based guinea pig pellets:

 Timothy Pellets


 Below is a photo of a 4lb package of our timothy hay based guinea pig pellets  sold with our 10lb timothy hay product:


Guinea Pig Pellets



This package of high quality timothy hay plus timothy hay based pellets is delivered fresh to your door (we use UPS for shipment) for $39.99.  We may not be the cheapest brand of feed out there, but we do deliver on quality.  To go to our store and view some of our customer reviews click the link below.




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