Guinea Pig Vegetables

vegetables for guinea pigsWhat Vegetables Can A Guinea Pig Eat?


Guinea Pig Vegetables serve an important role in the guinea pig diet as they provide vitamin C as well as fiber and other essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Much like fruits, guinea pigs tend to love it when you give them vegetables. And although it is ok to feed vegetables to guinea pigs, there are also some vegetables that should be avoided.

So, what are some of the best vegetables you can feed your guinea pigs?

The choice of vegetables and fruit available to feed your guinea pigs is endless. Good vegetables include green carrot tops, dark green lettuces and tomatoes (fruit only). We have documented some of the kinds of vegetables that guinea pigs can eat within this list. Some of the vegetables you shouldn’t feed include iceberg lettuce, along with any part of a tomato plant that isn’t the red fruit. And we have documented some of the vegetables that you should avoid feeding your guinea pigs in the following list. Keep in mind these lists are not comprehensive, and if you should ever have any question about what to feed your guinea pig, you should always be sure to ask your veterinarian.


Introducing vegetables to your guinea pigs diet

Vegetables are a great choice for a guinea pig snack, but as with any new addition to a guinea pig’s diet, its important to start slow at first and only introduce one new vegetable at a time. This allows you to ensure that if the new food causes any adverse effects (such as diarrhea) then you know what it is and can remove it from your guinea pig’s diet.


Moderation is also important with vegetables for guinea pigs, although perhaps not to the same level as it is with sugary fruits. Two cups of vegetables per day (split between AM and PM) is a rule that many people follow. When you serve the vegetables, make sure they are fresh and have been washed just as you would if you were to eat them.


In addition to serving your guinea pig vegetables , always be sure to provide high quality timothy hay, vitamin c fortified pellets, and fresh clean water.

Guinea Pig Vegetables


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