How can I grow timothy hay at home?

Is it possible to grow my own timothy hay?

grow your own timothy hayBelieve it or not, we’ve had a couple of people ask us for seed so that they can plant timothy grass and grow their own timothy hay!  They also asked us for directions on how to grow it.  It was an interesting email to receive, honestly.  Although this is of course theoretically possible, one issue with this is you need to be able to plant a large area and then go through all of the steps a professional farmer does (cutting, drying, and baling or packaging in someway).  The truth is unless you have a large area and a whole lot of time and effort that you’re willing to dedicate to the endeavor, it’s going to probably not end up being worth your time. Of course, anything is possible and we don’t want to discourage you from trying, but we aren’t actually the experts at growing the hay so your best bet is to talk with a professional farmer for help.

We’re sorry we can’t help more in this regard.  We do however sell in bulk quantities, so if you are looking to buy timothy hay in a larger quantity (60lbs is  our largest option) then we can certainly help you.