How much Timothy Hay to Feed a Guinea Pig?

How much Timothy Hay to Feed a Guinea Pig?


There are many questions regarding guinea pig nutrition that might be a little tough to answer, but this is not one of them.  Because the simple answer is, as much as he or she can eat.  Timothy hay really is the cornerstone and staple of your guinea pig’s diet.


The reason for this is all down to how guinea pig’s used to live in the wild.  Here they would forage for grass, hay, vegetables and other highly fibrous matter, so their digestive systems evolved to require an almost constant supply of this travelling through.  And we need to do our utmost to mimic this when we keep our guinea pigs as pets.


By feeding our pets an unlimited supply of timothy hay, he always has access to this staple of his diet, and this also keeps his digestive health in good stead.


Another reason a guinea pig needs to munch on hay so much is because of how his teeth are made.  Once again, Mother Nature has given him the tools he needs to chew through the highly fibrous diet he would have in the wild.  And she’s done this by giving him open rooted teeth that constantly grow throughout his life.  Without them, a wild guinea pig’s teeth would wear down very quickly and he’d have no teeth left to grind up food.


By giving him unlimited hay to eat, those teeth get to chew and work everyday, keeping them well ground down and short – meaning he shouldn’t get any issues with overgrown or sharp teeth.


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