Is Timothy Hay Okay to Feed to a Baby Guinea Pig?

Can Baby Guinea Pigs Eat Timothy Hay?

Feeding timothy hay to a baby guinea pig certainly won’t do him any harm, but there are certain points in life when a piggy requires hay of a higher energy source than timothy.  And the vital growing months of a baby guinea pig is one of them.

Feeding him a high calorie, high protein hay such as alfalfa at this time of life is perfect for providing him with the correct nutrition he needs for the growth and body formation.  As he leaves babyhood and enters adolescence (at around six months or so), then it’ll be necessary to gradually replace the alfalfa hay with a grass hay such as timothy hay.  Then, but the age of around one year, his hay requirements should be completely replaced by timothy hay.

So make sure that when your Guinea Pig is a baby that you feed him alfalfa and other higher calorie and protein feed like alfalfa and timothy hay pellets. This will make sure that your growing Guinea Pig will have all the necessary nutrition they need as they grow into an adult Guinea Pig.


Is timothy hay okay to feed to a baby guinea pig

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