Can guinea pigs eat cilantro?

Can guinea pigs eat cilantro?


When it comes to what vegetables to feed your guinea pig, many people have questions, and “Can guinea pigs eat cilantro” is certainly one of them.  And in this case, the answer is yes, guinea pigs can in fact have cilantro.  Cilantro is a source of vitamin c among other vitamins and minerals.  However, keep in mind, as with all vegetables, cilantro should not replace the core of your guinea pigs diet.  This should actually be made up of high fiber timothy hay, fresh water, and guinea pig pellets fortified with vitamin c.  Many guinea pig owners also feed an occasional fruit as a treat from time to time as well.


So, can guinea pigs eat cilantro?  Yes, but just make sure your guinea pig is getting enough of the core of their diet as a priority.  Cilantro and other vegetables can be a healthy supplement to their diet when fed in moderation.


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William Gordon