Can guinea pigs eat iceberg lettuce?


Can guinea pigs eat iceberg lettuce?


Everybody likes some nice crisp iceberg lettuce…but can guinea pigs eat iceberg lettuce.


Iceberg lettuce really should not be fed to guinea pigs as it doesn’t have much nutrition value and can actually cause digestion issues for your guinea pigs if fed in access.  Instead of iceberg lettuce, try feeding romaine lettuce.  Generally dark leafy greens are better fresh veggies for your guinea pig.  But with all vegetables, its important to remember to always feed in moderation, and to always remember the core of their diet should be made up of high quality timothy hay, fresh and clean water, as well as vitamin c fortified guinea pig pellets.  A sensible amount of fresh vegetables and the occasional small slice of fruit as a treat round out the diet nicely for many guinea pig owners.


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