Can guinea pigs eat tomatoes?


Can guinea pigs eat tomatoes?


Yes, guinea pigs can eat tomatoes.  However, make sure to remove the green part of the tomato plan, as it can be toxic for them.


Now, the good thing about tomatoes and other fruits is that they have a lot vitamin c, which is good for your piggy (just like humans they cannot synthesize their own).  However, it’s important to remember that fruit is also high in sugars, and tomatoes are no exception.  And if there is anything that can cause an upset stomach for your guinea pig, it’s too much sugar.  So, if you do feed tomatoes or other fruits, just make sure you do so in moderation (a serving every other day or so should be fine, but more than that isn’t really necessary).


Lastly, remember the most important thing you can give to your guinea pig is fresh high quality hay, fresh water, and vitamin c fortified pellets.  Do these things right and you’re on your way to happy and healthy guinea pig.


Thanks for stopping by, and hope to see you again real soon.  Till next time, love those piggies!


William Gordon