Can guinea pigs have peppers?



Can guinea pigs have peppers? 


When it comes to owning a pet, everyone wants to make sure that they are feeding the right things.  With vegetables it can sometimes be difficult to know what to feed or not to feed, and the question can guinea pigs have peppers will likely come up often.


In this case the answer is yes, guinea pigs can eat peppers, if you are talking about bell peppers that is.  Sliced peppers can be a healthy snack for a guinea pig, and they can provide some of the much needed vitamin C for a guinea pig.  However, just make sure  not to overfeed on peppers or any vegetables, for that matter.  While fresh veggies can and should be a part of a healthy guinea pigs diet, make sure to always remember that the core of your guinea pigs diet should be made up of timothy hay, fresh clean water, as well as vitamin c fortified guinea pig pellets.


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William Gordon