Oat hay for Chinchillas

Feeding your Chinchilla Oat Hay


When searching for hay for your pet, you might well come across oat hay for chinchillas.  Now, being as the most popular hays for chinnies are timothy and alfalfa, you can be forgiven for wondering if oat hay is alright to feed.

Well, the simple answer to the question is, yes – it’s fine to feed chinchillas oat hay.

However, you most likely want to understand a little more about what oat hay actually is, and we’ll cover this now.



Oat hay for chinchillas – a member of the grass hay family

You’re probably aware that there are two different types of hay you can feed your chin.  These are legume hays (such as alfalfa), and grass hays (such as timothy, brome, bermuda, orchard and oat).


The main difference between the two is the amount of protein and fiber they contain.  Legume hays are high in protein and lower in fiber, and grass hays are the opposite – lower in protein and higher in fiber.

oat hay for chinchillas

Oat hay comes under the banner of grass hay.  And many people feed oat hay to their pets to great success.  However, in regards to grass hays, the most common hay to be found it timothy.  But if you can’t get hold of timothy hay, or perhaps want to feed your chinnie a mixture of grass hays, then feeding oat hay for chinchillas is perfectly suitable.


Here at Small Pet Select we don’t sell oat hay for chinchillas – we sell timothy hay.  So if you’re having a problem finding a good, regular, top quality supplier of timothy hay, why not check out our hay page to see what we’ve got on offer.


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Till next time – love those chinnies…


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